Hanging out on the addition EQ equalizer for Rhythmbox

  Rhythmbox,Release of many years 樂播 equation ubuntu sound at 內建 這支,Is all too familiar。A few years ago new to ubuntu,Not yet accustomed to such iTune style player,So look for the Audacious to use imitation WinAMP。Because after every six months will reperfusion ubuntu,倦 reach disagreeable sense of a re-duplication tool body 份軟 裝部 safety 對於 Oligocene Oligocene,Came into contact with built-in Rhythmbox。

Think about it,In fact, listening to the music player software is not,First of course is the sound quality,Is probably playlist.,So what seems to have nothing good pick。But mention the sound quality,Hardware factors aside,Playback software equalizer plays heavy and the role,equalizer of course, does not really let the sound quality getting better or worse,But it allows us to demand to adjust to the desired situation,Maybe some people like the treble a little more,Some people like the bass a little heavier,Kiyoshi individual adjustment depends 僅需,But had not even included Rhythmbox EQ equalizer function。Impression,Two years ago the Internet to find whether the relevant plug-in,But it did not seem to find it。

Today surf the Web with a personal stereo,Great feeling to hear a song,Thought that if a little tune should better,Organic phase on the network no 關外 multiplied 找是 also 於是,And this time to find the results very different,Many users have been related to the development of plug-in。The following will introduce a number of projects on Google Code—rbeq。

rbeq installation method is very simple.,After download unzip,Rhythmbox directory copied to the bottom of the "home directory". "Gnome2" directory inside,. Gnome2 is a hidden directory,If you do not see,Ctrl 按 + H to display。After you copy,Open Rhythmbox 啟,到「編輯」-「外掛模組」可以找到「Rhythmbox Equalizer」,Checked,In the top panel to play the "Tools" - set "Set Equalizer" in。

rbeq the latest version 1.4,The main difference with the previous version of the group that built a lot of sound effect for your choice。It is recommended here ballad group setting,Not only enhance the bass and treble part,Tenor part of the sound quality is also very soft,So that the overall increase at least ten more music。當然,A variety of settings may be due to different hardware effects,Therefore be adjusted gradually to values ​​like,Is the perfect setting。

2011.2.20Update:Fix re-opened Rhythmbox can not remember the EQ settings

Version 1.4, select the EQ settings,Re-opened Rhythmbox occur settings all go,Last year on the project web page for reporting this issue,The developer also corrected,But I do not know why over half a year or did not release the revised,We can only see a patch will not be used on the Issues。

After a long time to allow 試了,An inspiration,Look at the code about patch,Go to project page of the Source than about,I found the revised file:

1.To the project page,In turn find "Source" - "Browse"。
2.接著在左方樹枝狀目錄依序找「svn」-「trunk」-「rhythmbox」-「plugins」-「rbeq」,And on the right equalizer.py。

3.进 到 equalizer.py 内容 页 后,Click on the right to "View raw file" to download the file。

4.Finally, this file can be covered by the original equalizer.py。

If lazy to find,Can directly download this information below the link(Paperclip pattern)。Also for this file is a modified version of the 1.4,The future, if the release of new version,I believe it has to be resolved this problem,There is no need to re-use this file covers。


  • rbeq – Project Hosting on Google Code
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  • Fix 1.4 remember last used preset:

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