TESS 12W、DGNL 11W LED lamp Reviews

LED bulbs are expensive,Resulting in lack of interest of most consumers,But in recent months,More and more vendors enter this market.,In several large-scale shopping site,Can already see the flowers Zhengyan scene。

這半 coming years,Continued concerned about the progress of the LED bulbs,But I am most concerned about is not the price,But brightness。Manufacturers to quickly enter the market,Public concern more friendly price LED bulbs,It is based on the early 6W、8W products as the main,And growing emphasis on energy saving、Alternative、Environmental protection demands,For the most important specifications lumens(lm),Yes what family responsibility throughout provides several 乎沒,Did not even marked,Only enough to replace??W general statement of incandescent light bulbs "with too。Actually,To replace 21 ~ 23W energy saving bulbs general household products,6The W ~ 8W brightness is simply not enough!

General household 21 ~ 23W energy saving bulbs brightness range of 1200 ~ 1300lm,A standard 這樣,Previously only in too much of a energy-saving(TESS)Website to find T-6C009M Fengyun products meet the demand(1200lm ± 10%),But perhaps the price considerations,Wait several months,Only to see that too was released specifications for 1000lm products,Therefore reluctant to start。

Yes 稍微 變 了 breaks after turning each quotient Arsenal 在 狀況 a 這樣,A PChome shopping browsing,Noting the two brand launched products higher than 1000lm,分別是DGNL 11W(1100lm)及 AgenTech 12W(1080lm)Two products,Sūtra consider several,Decided to buy a try。Originally intended Taichi、DGNL、AgenTech each bought one to try,But because AgenTech out of stock,So in the end only with a buy too DGNL。

After the trial,To my surprise,Although the specifications on these two LED light bulbs with energy saving bulbs has a brightness of 10% to 30% gap,But the actual feeling is not to be too obvious gap,Conversely DGNL color temperature(5500-6000K),Instead, people the brighter the wrong K,Father was also too said a bit too bright not accustomed to ha,Ryo 跟色 溫 degree functionally 太 passage on 來換 after(5000K),Actually more compatible with family。

The experimental results,Originally I worry about the brightness no longer exists,Future as long as the selection of more than 1000 lumens LED,Color temperature and can then consider the price。And exciting is,Office sign above standard demand 已能,I believe next LED bulbs popularity,Can also be faster and faster。

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