Windows 8 when re-opened(athw8x.sys)

ms-windowsFriends reaction did not take long to buy a new NB with,Every day when the machine is re-opened,Windows 8 Tips "in your PC,Then be prompted to generate a dump file,Tsuyoshi good recently for BlueScreenView transmission 檢視 dump come 當機 solve problem,This time they'll try it again。


請朋 friend bunch C:\The dmp file Windows Minidump under the package sent,檢視 start point by point,More than half of which are problems in this file athw8x.sys。

Internet search a bit Atheros LAN Driver,Also found users TOSHIBA NB also experienced similar problems,Then Shunkou Wen friends NB TOSHIBA,True basis Bingo the feedback results,就 请 他 把 有线 及 无线 网卡 的 驱动 给 更新 看看,Friend two network cards are updated automatically search,It did not happen again crashes。



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